6' Networks, LLC offers different types of critical technology services that encompass the many facets of Production and Post-Production.

Not every IT provider can truly deliver the skill and experience that are needed to properly manage the scope of what the most productions may need.

6' Networks has done over 35 SAN & NAS system deployments utilizing the latest technologies along with various Digital Asset Management platforms giving our clients the tools they needed to properly grow their business.

We have also had tremendous success in leveraging cloud-based solutions to reduce total operating costs. Several of these cloud-based solutions also in-turn ended up provided more resiliency against data loss by distributing two or more copies of critical data into different geographical regions.

Partial List of Services

Live TV Broadcast Support

Streaming & Live Events

Control Room & On-Air Support

Production Technical Services

On-Set Operations and Support

Post-Production and VFX

Server Room Management

Distributed Render Processing

Mac | PC | Linux

System Design & Architecture

Storage | Networks | Servers

Digital Asset Management

Custom Workflows

We have helped out over 35 clients all over the Southern California region over the last decade. Our Engineering team members are constantly training in new technologies.

We have specialists that hold System and Network-level certifications from various major computer hardware vendors. We have devoted a lot of time and effort into doing the legwork so that the wheel doesn't get reinvented each time we meet a new client.

Our process is simple, yet very effective, and we do our best to never over-complicate things more than they already are. We understand that each of our clients has their own needs and processes. For this reason we consider each engagement a partnership.

We have several service plans to work with, as well the option of crafting a custom plan to cover all your needs. Consider 6' Networks your technology partner for all of your production IT needs!

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